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  • Track day Ferrari, Lamborghini и GT
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Puresport dedicates to the owners of GT cars of over 300 HP power, a new product: the "Track Day by Puresport" thanks to which Puresport allows, to its costumers and passionates of GT, to enter the racetrack with their own GT car during the days on racetrack of exclusive right of Puresport and to do free tests and turns on racetrack.

In a dynamic and selected place you will able to enjoy your passion in contact with others who, like you, love driving on racetrack.
The whole in an exclusive place, without chaos and with all the security services and comforts essential to spend a day at Monza racetrack, under the banner of the pure driving passion.

  • Высокое качество
  • ЦЕНЫ

To mantain the high quality of the offered service and to reduce the risks of crashes, Puresport limits the offer to 10 GT cars per day, with the resulting advantage of:

  • Reducing the risk of crash due to the maximum limit of 14 GT cars on racetrack(4 Puresport cars)
  • Allowing only cars with over 300 HP power
  • Creating a specific area dedicated to the GT clientele in a selected and well organized space.

  • Use of racetrack for minimum 4, 5 hours
  • Open bar for the whole day
  • Professional mechanics in case of break
  • Technical equipment for the mechanical management of the cars.
  • Camera car.

In the price 30 minutes of beside driver are included

Camera car (one session) € 36 VAT included

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Ferrari 458 Italia

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Lamborghini Gallardo

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