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Main Puresport guarantees
  • Each scheduled date is agreed with the racetrack itself. Check it by yourself.
  • Each proposed car is actually the one you will drive. There will be no surprises.
  • Every service you buy and also all the ones included are always guaranteed.
  • You can change the date up to 20 days before the event without any additional costs.
  • Never more than 12 cars on the racetrack at the same time. If not, we will refund the cost of your experience.Renting the track in exclusivity has always higher costs than attending Track Days but the tranquility in a controlled and uncrowded ambience is priceless and safer.
  • The 12 rule, for us in Puresport, means value for money at the highest levels and safety at the top thanks to the full ownership of the track on the days of Puresport calendar!
DIVERSIFY YOUR DRIVING EXPERIENCEWith the wide offer that Puresport offers you, you can make your driving experience unique by choosing what you like the most. In fact, with us you can drive:
  • GT cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche
  • or real racing cars like our Formula 3, F302, F308 and Formula Renualt
  • but if what you are looking for is a sporty driving on a Sport Prototype, you will be satisfied. Our Juno CN2016 is what you are searching for, and you will have included a one-to-one coach for the whole time while you are driving.
  • And final, if you are not happy yet, you can drive a real Formula 1, formerly driven by the Formula 1 champion Damon Hill. Our Arrow A18 will leave you speechless.
THE CLIENT IS THE REAL PROTAGONIST OF OUR DATES, FROM 18 YEARS!In order to make it possible, the quality of the services offered by Puresport has always been the result of careful choices that have led us to:
  • Over 100.000 clients in 18 years
  • 16 fully-owned cars from GT to Formula
  • Exclusivity on the racetracks of Monza, Vairano (Quattroruote Racetrack), Cremona and Viterbo
  • More than 1.000 spontaneous reviews on Trip Advisor with a score of 4.5 out of 5 and 3 excellence certificates in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • More than 700 rieviews on eKomi with a score of 4.7 out of 5 and Ekomi Silver Approval Certificate
  • Important international partnerships like SKY and USTOA

Porsche 911 GT3 Cremona

The Stuttgart horse is back on the track with Puresport. Porsche fanatics have the chance to get behind the wheel of their dream car: the 911GT3!at the Cremona racetrack. 3.450 mt. for a complete and very technical track with a straight line of almost one kilometer in length, like no other structure in Italy.

Количество Кругов

  • Porsche 911 GT3 - Cremona
  • Porsche 911 GT3 - Cremona
  • Porsche 911 GT3 - Cremona

Выбраный опыт важдения включает:

Installation lap
Minimum liability car insurance
Free date change
Voucher duration extension
Брифинг и техника пилотирования (гости включены)
The 12 Rule never more than 12 cars on the track
Sport Circulation Only
Qualified Instructors
Puresport Exclusivity
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The Stuttgart horse is back on the track with Puresport. Porsche fanatics have the chance to get behind the wheel of their dream car: the 911GT3! This is the uncompromising car that smells of Nurburgring, the unmistakable Porsche silhoutte in a pure and muscle definition, like its 6-cylinders boxer engine (3996 cc) with 500 hp and 460 Nm that will keep you stuck in your seat everytime you will accelerate up to 8250 rpm of the red line of the rev-counter. All this is available for everyday driving thanks to the technology excellence of its 7-gears PDK gearbox, its Bosch electronic and its traction and stability controls, the enourmous racing derived brake system and also thanks to its balance guaranteed by its specific setup and the aerodynamic contribution of its front splitter and front wing. The racetrack is the best place where to get the maximum from this jewel car with a maximum speed of 318 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,4 seconds. Monza, Imola, Misano, Vallelunga, Adria, Cremona, Vairano, Viterbo...are waiting for you!

Каждый опыт вождения включает:


09.00: Добро пожаловать, регистрация и презентация стаффа
09.15: Брифинг и техника пилотирования (гости включены)
  • Настройка вождения - торможение
  • идеальная траектория - ускорение
  • техника автомобиля и использование секвентальной коробкой передач за рулем
  • Обучение спортивной езде
1 ознакомительный круг на шатле для осмотра трассы
10.00: Размещение в автомобиле с инструктором на стороне пассажира, запуск двигателя. Управление автомобилями GT на основе заказа.
Вручение диплома с фужером шампанского
Для опыта вождения GT примерное время 2/3 часа максимум от регистрации до вручения диплома
Card Top Club Puresport для скидок и промоакций

техническая схема

Engine type: 6-cylinder boxer aspirated
Displacement: 3.996 cm³
Max Power: 368 kW (500 hp)
Max torque: 460 Nm
Change: 7 PDK reports
Rear-wheel Drive
Weight: 1430 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 3.4 seconds
Acceleration 0-160 km / h: 7.3 seconds
Maximum speed: 318 km / h

The new installation is situated in San Martino del Lago, a few kilometers from Cremona. The main track is anti-clockwise, with a length of 3.450 mt. It is a complete and very technical racetrack, which includes a main straight of about 1 km, extremely rare to be found in any other similar installation in Italy. 11 corners in total: 5 on the right and 6 on the left. Fast corners, chance to reach high speeds, great grip and a lot of safety ways-out, will give you the chance to test in the best way ever and in total safety, the motorsport, aerodynamic, braking and chassis performances of the vehicles. High features, 100% safe and maximum excitement!What are you waiting for? Choose Puresport and get yourself down to the Cremona Racetrack now, or contact us for more information.

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Часы работы

Время встречи на треке сообщается участникам по электронной почте за 10 дней до мероприятия с адресом схемы и списком необходимых документов.


Мероприятие GT длится 2/3 часа, среди которых регистрация, брифинг, ознакомительный круг на шатле, круги на автомобилях и вручение аттестатов.


Запись видиокамеры, для тех кто приобретет этот сервис, будет выслана через 2 недели после мероприятия при помощи линка, с которого можно будет скачать видео.

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